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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

World Cup Lesson

No, it's not a post about the off-side rule ;-)

I can't seem to watch the final stage matches of World Cup 2006 without my laptop to distract see, I get really quite worked up when I watch the games.

I get so angry when cheating behaviour goes unpunished and even gets rewarded! I can now understand why referees get hate mail. So what can I do as a follower/supporter of the Beautiful Game? I feel so helpless.
I want to write to FIFA to complain about the inconsistent behaviour by their referees. The system just doesn't appear to work.

But, do they even care that my enjoyment of the game is disrupted by the constant diving/falling behaviour of certain players in certain teams? Why haven't FIFA cracked down on what British commentators very nicely call - footballers' antics. I call it cheating!

Is it just a strategy adopted to frustrate and disrupt the game and concentration of the opposing team? Should we just live with it?

When I try to understand why I get so riled up, I realise that I am not actually angry about the football injustices but with life itself.

Life can be unfair and sometimes we can't do a single thing about it.

I want life to be fair, people to just be decent to one another. I know this is idealistic (some would say naive) but most times I delude myself into believing that 'life is fair'. Watching football just brings it all home though - life like football can be unfair. Talented footballers who don't have to cheat do so anyway, just to get an edge over their opponents. The manifestation of ugly human nature.

Or am I just over-analysing things? ;-)


  • At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Andy Masters said…

    Well not sure about the human nature side of things but to stop the shambles with is diving. FIFA should have a video referee, as in Rugby, this will stop it in its tracks (10 mins in the sin bin for diving). It may slow the game down but SKY will not mind as they can squeeze more advertising revenue out of a single game.


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