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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An Avid Reader

Does Hazel do anything else besides watching TV?
Where does she find the time to watch ALL that TV plus set up her gift/tea business China's Secret (

Well, I also read a lot. So much so that DH (dear husband) started complaining about all these books that clutter up the house. We have lots of bookshelves ;-)
After pretty much single-handedly boosting Amazon's shareprice/sales revenue, I discovered that I could regain some monies by selling the books through the same platform. As I take very good care of the books they remain in a pristine condition.

My sister and I have been known to ban friends from borrowing our books due to their careless treatment of them! We were in tears when my good friend (despite warnings!) completely thrased our copy of Lord of the Rings. This is after I carefully finished the omnibus with only one crease in the spine. OK, enough of my OCD behaviour.

Now I have discovered an even better system of getting rid of those books that remain unsold through Amazon (mostly bestsellers and new releases sell quickly). Anything to please DH! I now swap books through Readitswapit.

Fantastic system that allows you to list all the books that you don't want anymore. When people want a book of yours, you get notification and can then view their book list. If you see a book you want to read, you agree to the swap! Both parties then post their books with only P&P incurred. What a cheap way of getting new books!

In the first 2 months of my discovery, I realised that I spent about 100 pounds at the post office! Anyhow, I have discovered and read the entire works of 2 new crime authors (Harlen Coben & Michael Connelly) through swapping. I have encouraged the website owners to extend the system to CDs and DVDs as well!


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