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Thursday, July 06, 2006

My first encounter with flower teas

So why did I start up in business? Why green teas? How could I possibly hope to compete with the likes of Twinnings?

The story begins about 4 years ago, on a trip back to Singapore to visit my family (I have about 9 uncles & aunts on my mother's side alone). My uncle having just got back from a business trip to China, was really excited about some tea he wanted to show us. We all pooh-poohed it 'hey, we are Chinese, we know all about teas'.

Little did I know what a treat I was in for....After dinner, a tray with Chinese tea pot and little cups was (rather ceremoniously) brought out. A little walnut sized ball placed in the tea pot, hot water added (not boiling as that scalds the tea) and before you know it, it had unfurled to reveal a flower on the inside!

Now I thought to myself - this is great and would make a great present. I can't believe I lived to the age of 27 and didn't even know this existed. What a well kept secret!

Fast forward to the present. Remember a period a few months ago, where there was a news item almost every day about the benefits of drinking green tea.

Now, I drink lots of the stuff (less caffeine, thirst quenching). However, when I came over to the UK, I just could not find good quality green tea! The tea bag stuff sold in normal supermarkets is pretty rough and tasteless. Bought some Japanese stuff but it was bitter and very expensive. The only remotely authentic Chinese green tea I could find was in Chinatown.

I thought 'if I have this need, then there must be others out there who also want good quality green tea!' Plus I hadn't seen these flower teas anywhere either. The seed was thus planted.


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