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Friday, July 07, 2006

My little teashop

To continue the story of why I started up in tea, specialising in flowering teas...

I actually wanted to open a little zen teashop (expanding eventually to a chain). A nice airy light environment where people can just come and be in touch with themselves. It would be serene and we can just take time out to commune with each other. An extensive selection of teas would be offered with little Chinese tidbits as accompaniment.
However, starting that up would involve too much capital so I decided to start off with something less ambitious. If you are ever in San Francisco, though, they have 3 terrific teahouses that have the same vision.

Don't you think that we rush around too much? We plonk a tea bag into a mug and dash back to the PC. How often do we allow ourselves to just sit, relax & get in touch with ourselves? When was the last time we sat down and really connected with our friends/family?

I'm hoping that people would slow down, take time out to smell the roses and enjoy each other's company. The visual beauty of the flower teas and the aroma would hopefully set the scene.

Do you feel the same way I do about us rushing about too much?


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