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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

House Woes III

Internet connection on PC died a slow sad lingering death.

So had to go contact internet site we purchased it from, to be told that warranty had run out. DH furious that they sell such inferior products with known defects (known as in forums are full of pple whinging about the lousy product from a fairly reputable brand).

We then had to pursue the manufacturers themselves. Luckily it was under warranty but we were put through quite a few hoops first (run a series of tests to see if it works on another PC or laptop, which anyone with common sense would have done prior to calling them) mostly to expensive telephone numbers.

Anyhow, we finally convinced them that it was indeed faulty (the wireless card) simply stopped one day after cutting out with increasing frequency. We were given a code/reference number that enabled us to return the product. Yay!

Sent out the entire boxed product only to receive a padded envelop with only the wireless card
and CD back. What happened to my nice box??


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