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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tracing family tree

DH just doesn't understand why I am so enthralled with his family's history....

His dad can trace his family all the way back to the 1500s! There is even a museum in Switzerland with the entire tree with all the various branches. Apparently the Weiersmullers were the founding members of that town. There was even a 'family' reunion 10 years ago.

I am the very first Chinese Weiersmuller. Upon receipt of our marriage certificate, I will be added to this family tree and recorded for posterity in this museum in Suhr.

We were on Skype & just narrowing it down to Switzerland, we have made a connection with another random Weiersmuller who has the same great grandfather as DH!

DH is really very fortunate, as are all those of you with an easily traceable heritage. I don't think that there is an ancestry page for Chinese people - if I am wrong, please do write and let me know! I mean there must be like a few million Chens out there.

My mother's father was an only son whose father died when he was very young. I deeply regret not finding out more about his family when he was still with us. Plus he did leave China when he was young so unless I go back to the village where he was from, my hopes of basically finding the rest of that side of my family is pretty tricky.

Last year I sat my granny down and asked her to recall her childhood and family for me. Hmmm....not a particularly successful exercise. Her story is even more confusing. There was lots of cousins sent to live with them, uncles all over the place, etc. plus her memory of her childhood is tenuous at best. She does not seem to have much curiosity about connecting with the rest of her extended family...this could be because she has 10 kids of her own, last count about 18 grandchildren and she hopes one great-grandchild ;-) I tell her to hang on for about 3 more years when she will finally get her wish.

How about you? How far can you trace your family roots and do you have the same curiosity?


  • At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Alice Elliott said…

    Hi Hazel, I had a long lost cousin round a couple of weeks ago because he is emptying his mum's house and came across his family tree and lots of artifacts do to with his family of Dibdin. He's trying to complete his side of the Dibdins and trace any others who may be interested to see what to do with all these Dibdin treasures he has, some of which are over 200 years old. We know that Lord Heseltine is connected to our family through an elopement in the 19th century (a great, great aunt of mine), hence why he has Dibdin as one of his middle names.

    In fact I have three family trees that go back to 1720 for Dibdin, Montford and Nankivell - how many modern families can beat that?


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