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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Plays, Musicals or TV ;-)

I love plays. Especially those that make you think. Art, Lifex3, Blue/Orange, The Goat or Who is Sylvia are a couple that spring to mind.

When I first came to London, I lived in a place with no I caught a lot of theatre. Now back then I thought I was only going to be here a short-time (afterall I was dying to get to the Continent and start my backpacking adventures) so saw as much as I could. I think I must have seen about 18 plays/musicals in a 3 week period. Probably would have been cheaper to have bought a TV!

London - theatre heaven (although in recent years they seem to be relying more on Hollywood star power to draw in the crowd than well-written/acted plays)! Well, compared to Australia at least where in Sydney - you may get a new production in Theatre Royal once every 2 years? I remember the Phantom of the Opera played for the longest time. Of course in the 6 years since I have been away, I hear that more theatre spaces have sprung up in the meantime.

Still, much prefer plays to musicals. Musicals tend to be too syrupy and happy...Plays on the other hand (the good ones that is) actually make you think and stay with you much longer than little musical ditties. DH would probably interject at this point and accuse me of being a snob. Now, of course I have been disappointed by plays but not as often as I have been by musicals.

So what is your preference - Plays or Musicals?


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