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I have lots to say and many people have asked - who is behind China's Secret Teas? So this seems like a good way of marrying the two. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sleep deprivation is not a good thing

I have done almost everything else to keep cool and am severely sleep deprived. During the day, it is almost too hot to work. I start feeling comfortable enough to work from 8/9pm at night, of course this means that I don't get to sleep till about 1 or 2 am when it is cool enough for me to fall asleep.

To compound matters - my sensitivity to light means that I am often up at the break of dawn. Since in Summer, it becomes light as early as 4.30am, this means that I have not had a good solid 8-10 hours sleep since this heatwave began. Naps during the day don't work as it is simply too hot! I have seriously contemplated the mechanics of how to not drown whilst sleeping in my bath tub filled with cool water. For those contemplating the same thing - if you have worked it out, do let me know....there could be a prize in there for you. Bearing in mind I am 5 ft 2 so won't be able to use my legs as leverage.

I do the usual, close all the windows, draw the shades, put ice in my drinks - all in a futile attempt to keep the heat out.

But desperate times call for desperate measures - it is time to add to the strain on the National Grid. No, not an air-conditioning unit - refuse to give in & buy one that will only be used a few weeks a year (if we are lucky!).

What desperate measures will she undertake to keep some semblance of sanity?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Buck Rogers

Do you miss the good ole days of television where it was entertaining but on a very simplistic level?

No guessing who the bad guys were (slicked back hair, mustached look, furtive looks, etc.), or when there is a fight scene coming up (the cheesy music comes on) or who the good guys are (handsome, well-liked with women dripping off their arms).

We have been having our evening meals in the company of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I could not believe it when a fortnight ago, I came across it on the Bravo channel. Quick aside: who else admits to watching Bravo and Hallmark channels?

I LOVED the show as a kid. I must have been about 5 years old - yes, started that young but had it beaten out of me till I could rebel as an adult (hence all this tv watching but I've already written about that!). Correction, I actually started at 16 months. S'truth - my very first memory was of lying in my sarong cradle (where the baby is wrapped up in a sarong and it is hung from the ceilin). Hmmml....for those who haven't grown up in Asia, this must sound very strange indeed. I must see if I can dig up a photo of me peeking out of the cradle to watch tv.

Still remember it being a Cantonese tv serial...what was your first memory?

OK, back to Buck Rogers and the simpler days of TV watching. There was a NYTimes article about how TV watching these days actually makes you think (coz of all the plot twists, character developments, etc.) and one can actually exercise one's brain that way.

I must say that it is very refreshing to actually not have to think but just let it flow. Of course, DH says that nature, gardening or DIY programs work the same way for him.

Ah dun't tink so.